MAS116/GTS116: Midterm Exam

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The midterm exam will be 12 Mar 2019 TIME 09:00 - 11:00. Check for the room that you need to be in.

Instructions: Read each question carefully. Write all your work in the space provided. You won't get full credit even when your answer is right without all of your work written down. You may use the back of the paper to continue your work. If you do so, write "continued on next page" to indicate that that is not the end of your solution. Calculators, computers, cell phones may not be used. Books are not allowed in the exam. You will have 2 hours total for all parts of the exam. Any dishonesty during the exam will result immediate failure (F) grade for the course and suspension for at least one semester. You are not allow to take anything out of the exam room.

You will be provided with this information in the exam (last page).

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